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De Doelen is taking responsibility for his impact on society. We are constantly working on reducing the environmental impact as a result of our business activities. With the renovation of our concert hall for example many energy-saving facilities were installed. But awareness of the environment is a continuous process and includes the entire business; from waste separation to office paper. De Doelen takes its social responsibility seriously when it comes to the environment.

Green Key

To provide insight in our sustainable activities de Doelen has chosen to join the Green Key organization and to achieve the Dutch environmental certificate; the Green Key. Since October 2010 de Doelen is the proud owner of the Golden Green Key certificate. The Green Key is an effective way for companies to measure environmental performance and guarantees the commitment of an organization to do more for the environment than required by law.

Rotterdam Climate Initiative

De Doelen signed two agreements that where initialized by the Rotterdam Climate Initiative which commits partners to achieve a pleasant, green and safe city. The RCI experiments and innovates, and they seize every opportunity for economic growth. By investing in sustainability for the benefit of the people of Rotterdam, they aim to create a healthier, more resilient city for all those who live and work in Rotterdam. Their main objectives are to provide better air quality, lower energy bills and more jobs.

Here for de Doelen signed the agreements for ‘Green Theatre’ and ‘Sustainable Hotels and Conference venues Rotterdam’. The participants of these agreements are required to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.

7 Square Endavour

De Doelen is one of the 7 partners of the 7 Square Endavour project. The 7 Square Endeavour is an international collaboration and sustainability project with a mission to prepare cities for the future. On a local scale the project anticipates worldwide urbanisation and the adverse consequences of this such as pollution, heat stress and flooding. One of the spearheads of the project is to manage energy in a smart and innovative way. The Schouwburgplein (the Schouwburg square) acts as an experimental area for new innovative technologies, cyclical processes and business models. The square in Rotterdam is the first in a series of seven worldwide.

calculate carbon footprint

To gain insight into the CO2 emissions of your meeting, you can calculate these in the form of a CO2 footprint. By mapping the CO2 emissions of your event or organization, it quickly becomes clear what the main causes of those CO2 emissions are. For example, are the CO2 emissions mainly related to mobility or to the production process? Or in both? By calculating the carbon footprint, you know which measures you need to take to reduce your footprint.

calculate a CO2 footprint